Privacy Notice


This is a privacy notice with GDPR compliance, you should accept this privacy notice before continuing visiting this site. New visitors and returning visitors since whose last visit the notice has changed are prompted to see this notice, except for those who has disabled JavaScript.

What and how information is collected and used?

The owner of this site does not collect any information on his own, and visitors should contact third-party online service providers (see below) to deal with information collected by them.

Which third-party could collect data?

  • Google: This site uses Google Analytics to analyse traffic to and inside the site. The traffic information collected by Google Analytics is available to the site owner. See Safeguarding your data in Google Analytics Help for what and how information is collected and used by Google Analytics.
  • Automattic: This site uses Automattic’s service to display the gravatar of visitors who made comments. The IP address, User-Agent and the hash of email address will be sent to Automattic when visitor make a comment on this site. See Privicy policy of Automattic for what and how information is collected and used by Automattic.

How to stop data collection by third-party?

Visitors can not stop the data collection operation on this site by third-party completely, but visitors can visit this site with minimum information exchange by disabling JavaScript for this site.